Jesse Gelsinger

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This site is a memorial site for Jesse Gelsinger

Jesse gave his all hoping that it would help to save other kids.Here is a young man who tried to make a difference in the lives of others and did so!

May you rest in the peace of knowing that your life was important to us ! You were loved, and you are still loved.

June 18, 1981 - September 17, 1999

Jesse Gelsinger was the tragic victim of a gene therapy that went wrong. Jesse died while undergoing the medical research that he so earnestly thought would help to save the lives of babies and others who suffered from the rare genetic disorder that he had dealt with all his life. He unknowingly contributed to safeguards in the medical community that would effectively save lives and prevent the terrible tragedy that he suffered. This site is erected in the memory of Jesse, who wanted to help others. In memory of the good things that he did in his life to that end.

Jesse's dad, Paul Gelsinger, has spent countless hours in service to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again to others. He wrote a heartwarming paper on what happened to Jesse.

He called his story: Jesse's Intent -

Here is an excerpt from the story that Jesse's dad tells about Jesse:
Jesse assembled his pro wrestling, Sylvester Stallone, and Adam Sandler videos and I worked like a dog to get as much done as possible in preparation for my own departure. So with one bag of videos and another with clothing, Jesse and I headed off to the airport early on Thursday, the 9th. He was both apprehensive and excited. He had to change planes in Phoenix and hail a cab for the hospital once he arrived in Philly. Jesse had never been away from Tucson on his own prior to this trip. Words cannot express how proud I was of this kid. Just eighteen, he was going off to help the world. As I walked him to his gate I gave him a big hug and as I looked him in the eye, I told him he was my hero. (You can read the rest of Jesse's Intent here.)

About the author of this site:I have a son who is 20 years old. When I heard about Jesse, I looked him up on the internet, hoping to find out more about him. There was nothing - no web pages, no parade, no fanfare, just an emptiness needing to be filled.I made this page as a dedication to Jesse.


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